mastitis management

Managing mastitis - and subsequently improving udder health and milk quality - is one of Canadian dairy farmer's greatest concerns. While vaccines and teat sealants help many Canadian herds get a handle on mastitis, day-to-day management strategies on topics like milking procedures, barn and cow environments, bedding, health and nutrition, are critical to prevent and manage mastitis in the dairy herd. Luckily, Canadian dairy farmers have many resources available to help establish, review and refine these strategies. Comprehensive information on mastitis management is available through the following organizations:

internal teat sealants

Internal teat sealants (ITS) work by simulating a cow’s natural first line of defense, the keratin plug, to seal the teat against harmful bacteria by providing a sterile, antibiotic-free barrier that prevents pathogens from invading the udder through the teat end.

Proper administration is key to ITS success. The Canadian Mastitis Network has developed recommended protocols for ITS administration. Understanding these protocols is an important step in getting the most out of your ITS.

The proof is in the paste

the proof is in the paste

Internal teat sealants (ITS) are research-proven to reduce the risk of mastitis in all herds. When combined with proper hygiene best practices they provide an effective line of defense for your herd.

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lockout the better engineered teat sealant

the better engineered teat sealant

From its ergonomic syringe to its visible blue paste you can actually see, Lockout® offers many advantages that make it safe, easy, and convenient to use.

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mastitis vaccines

While proper day-to-day management protocols provide the foundation for any good mastitis management strategy, vaccinating against key strains of bacterial mastitis can play a key role in your overall prevention protocols.

j-vac mobile medication treatment

flexible, convenient, & effective treatment

J-Vac is a convenient 2-dose vaccine that aids in the prevention of E. coli coliform mastitis and the effects of E. coli and Salmonella typhimurium associated endotoxemia.1

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1Based on Canadian J-Vac™ label.