Safe & Effective Defence against bacteria

The better engineered teat sealant

LockoutTM has a unique design that offers many advantages. LockoutTM’s conception came from first-hand feedback from producers on what a teat sealant should be. As a result, our product is:

  • Easy to identify - Its blue color makes it easy to identify versus mastitis and milk
  • Safe, easy & convenient to use - Thanks to its ergonomic syringe and cap, the short tip length, the absence of an air pocket, and the presence of an application indicator, LockoutTM is safe, easy and convenient to use

Safe and effective defence against bacteria

LockoutTM simulates a cow’s natural first line of defence, the keratin plug, to seal the teat against harmful bacteria by providing a sterile, antibiotic-free barrier that prevents pathogens from invading the udder through the teat end. It has 0 milk withdrawal, and can be safely ingested by calves.

The use of a teat sealant helps support the prudent use of antimicrobials

Using a teat sealant decreases clinical mastitis during the dry period and early lactation – and that means less need for antimicrobial use. A teat sealant is also a crucial tool in the implementation of selective dry-cow therapy.

LockoutTM helps optimize farm protocols

LockoutTM can be your partner in showing you if your application/removal techniques, and milking equipment cleaning protocols are optimal. If you see blue, you should review.

Out with The old in with the blue
Lockout visible paste